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Movandi to Beam the 5G Technology Up with BeamXR

By Chrissie Cluney
March 22, 2019

Movandi, which is a privately held company with a mission to change 5G, has released their BeamXR. This product accelerates and extends the range of real world 5G deployments.

The company’s new solution provides the foundation for discovering the potential of 5G millimeter wave networks. It also can speed up large-scale 5G commercialization. The 5G system provides improvements in performance, coverage and latency to connect 5G everywhere. It solves the issue of 5G coverage limitations, which are caused by the propagation characteristics of radio signals at 5G millimeter wave frequency bands and increases 5G coverage.

Movandi’s product reduces infrastructure costs, simplifies deployment and increases network capacity. This allows for new high-reliability, low-latency services.

“Millimeter wave 5G networks require dense deployment of network nodes, which translates into extremely high costs for radio equipment and fiber,” said Joe Madden, founder and president, Mobile Experts. “Our modeling shows that major American operators will run out of capacity below 6 GHz, driving them toward mm-wave deployment in the next few years, “Reducing the related cost and complexity would be a game changer in the industry.”

Movandi’s Beam XR platform was developed in modular, high performance design to support a broad range of 5G millimeter wave applications. The platform supports fewer traditional 5G base stations to support a greater number of fixed wireless and mobile broadband access points. The solution was designed and optimized as a complete system with unmatched performance, cost and size advantages that unlock the potential of 5G other multi-gigabit networks.

“Movandi’s new Beam XR solution delivers a leap forward to the best-of-breed today and can solve the stringent 5G deployment challenges the industry and operators are facing today, said Reza Rofougaran, CTO, Co-CEO and Founder, Movandi. “Our new BeamXR solution is transformative and cane accelerate large-scale 5G commercialization by reducing infrastructure costs, simplifying deployment and increase network capacity, without impacting latency. We are revolutionizing 5G the same way we pioneered Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 4G decades earlier – making the once thought impossible now possible and are proud to share our technology inventions and be among the first to bring mobile 5G to the world.”

Using this product, the millimeter wave signals can be boosted to penetrate buildings or bend the signal around a building. Movandi’s approach provides a new foundation for 5G devices. In comparison to traditional expensive, bulky and inefficient millimeter-wave antennas, the BeamXR is more compact, more power-efficient over a wider power range, more spectrally efficient and cheaper to produce. Because this product can effectively distribute the 5G signal, the customer can use greater coverage while meeting very low latency in hard to reach places.

Chrissie Cluney has been a correspondent for IoT Evolution World since 2015. She holds a degree in English with a concentration in writing from the College of Saint Elizabeth.

Edited by Ken Briodagh
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