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Turning Labor Shortages into Competitive Advantages: Fox Robotics' FoxBots Surpass 2.5 Million Total Pallet Pulls

By: Alex Passett     2/8/2024

Fox Robotics has officially surpassed more than 2.5 million pallet pulls with its "industry-first" FoxBot autonomous trailer loaders/unloaders.

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Ceva's RivieraWaves Wi-Fi 7 IP Platform Makes Waves in Next-Gen IIoT

By: Alex Passett     1/31/2024

Ceva's RivieraWaves Wi-Fi 7 IP platform, primed for the next generation of Wi-Fi Access Point and Station/Client products, offers a slew of reliable and efficient features for cost-effective, power-optimized solutions involving the integration of hig…

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From Data to Industry Action: How Digitization Can Majorly Reduce CO2 Emissions by 2030

By: Alex Passett     1/29/2024

Gecko Robotics and Rho Impact recently released data on CO2 emission reductions and how digitization and Industry 4.0 can bring about real environmental change.

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Mouser Electronics and Panasonic Industrial Automation Sign a New Agreement to Benefit Design Engineers in IIoT

By: Alex Passett     1/15/2024

Mouser Electronics and Panasonic Industrial Automation have announced a new distribution agreement to further support IIoT projects that design engineers undertake.

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Perfect Your IIoT Strategies at IoT Evolution Expo 2024, part of the ITEXPO #TECHSUPERSHOW

By: Alex Passett     1/15/2024

Explore what the future holds for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) innovators and their innovations at IoT Evolution Expo 2024, taking place from February 13-15 at the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This show has so…

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Elevating IIoT: Elevat Announces New Strategic Partnership with Microsoft

By: Alex Passett     1/4/2024

Elevat and Microsoft have partnered to accelerate IoT/IIoT digital transformations in myriad industrial spaces through advancements in machine learning, connectivity and more.

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A Look Back at IIoT in 2023: Industry Innovations from Semitech Semiconductor

By: Alex Passett     12/19/2023

As 2023 comes to a close, we look back at various IIoT coverage and the power of the technologies therein. Semitech Semiconductor has been a name that has popped up frequently on our radars, in terms of smart IIoT innovations for power grids, narrowb…

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'Real-World AI' Team at Worlds is Transforming Steel Manufacturing and IIoT Operations with TimkenSteel

By: Alex Passett     12/18/2023

Worlds, a software company specializing in its real-world AI platform for improved business and industrial automation, has announced its innovative IIoT partnership with TimkenSteel.

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Globalstar's GSatSolar Adds Major Value to IIoT Asset Tracking Solutions

By: Alex Passett     12/6/2023

Earlier today, Globalstar announced the addition of the GSatSolar to its portfolio of IIoT asset tracking solutions.

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Digital Twin Core Conceptual Models and Services: New IIC Report Provides IIoT Guidance

By: Alex Passett     11/29/2023

The Industry IoT Consortium (IIC) recently published new guidance for those operating amidst Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) spaces: "The Digital Twin Core Conceptual Models and Services Technical Report."

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NEXCOM's ISA Series Fortifies Industry 4.0 Operations

By: Greg Tavarez     11/28/2023

The ISA Series provides a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that offers robust support for diverse applications within Industry 4.0.

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What's Next for the Industrial Edge: Codesys Collabs with Red Hat and Intel

By: Alex Passett     11/22/2023

Red Hat and Intel's collaboration on the industrial edge has now been joined by automation software provider, Codesys.

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