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SS&C's Blue Prism Next Gen Platform Demonstrates More Power through Intelligent Automation

By: Alex Passett     5/9/2024

SS&C Technologies Holdings, Inc. found that enterprises that have used/are still using its SS&C Blue Prism platform saw an ROI of 330%, representing a net present value of $53.4 million.

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Healthy Industrial Growth: ABI Research Underpins Demand for Private Cellular IoT/IIoT Connections as Markets Adapt

By: Alex Passett     4/30/2024

According to a new report from global technology intelligence firm ABI Research, the manufacturing and transportation industries will have the most private cellular IoT connections in the future, with 108 and 71 million connections, respectively, pre…

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FreeWave Technologies' FGR3-IO Levels Up Businesses' Remote Operations in IIoT

By: Alex Passett     4/25/2024

FreeWave Technologies announced the launch of its latest enhancement for IIoT use cases - the FGR3-IO, designed to elevate the capabilities of 900 MHz remote IoT/IIoT connect and control networks (i.e. particularly for industrial operations, utilitie…

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A 'Truly Great' Match for IIoT: Avassa and OnLogic Establish Partnership

By: Alex Passett     4/18/2024

Edge management software provider Avassa and industrial computer manufacturer OnLogic have partnered to benefit IIoT use cases.

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Industrial Sectors See a Boost in Adoption of Zero Trust Practices, According to Xage

By: Alex Passett     4/11/2024

A new Xage report dives into various industrial and IIoT-centric sectors improving their security protocols by adopting a variety of crucial zero trust practices.

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Another Smart IIoT Collab: Rockwell Automation and NVIDIA to Harness Omniverse Cloud APIs and Industrial-Scale Digital Twins

By: Alex Passett     4/4/2024

Rockwell Automation is collaborating with industry giant NVIDIA to integrate NVIDIA's Omniverse Cloud APIs with Emulate 3D by Rockwell Automation.

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Having Raised $17M in Series A-1 Funding, Gather AI Continues Optimizing Warehouse Inventory with Drones

By: Alex Passett     4/1/2024

Gather AI recently announced its $17 million Series A-1 funding led by Bain Capital Ventures (with participation from Tribeca Venture Partners, Dundee Venture Capital, Expa Ventures, and Bling Capital).

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New Collab Between Scanbot SDK and Cypher Robotics Set to Automate Wearying Warehouse Inventory Processes

By: Alex Passett     3/26/2024

Scanbot SDK and Cypher Robotics have officially partnered to streamline warehousing and inventory cycle counting processes.

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Introducing, LocusHub: Locus Robotics' New Data-Driven Solution to Orchestrate Enhanced Warehouse Intelligence

By: Alex Passett     3/21/2024

Locus Robotics has announced the release of its LocusHub business intelligence engine.

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Digi IX40: Details About this 5G Edge Computing IIoT Cellular Solution for Industry 4.0

By: Alex Passett     3/20/2024

Earlier this month, IoT/IIoT connectivity products and services provider Digi International announced the market launch of Digi IX40.

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Bear Robotics Secures $60M in Series C Funding Round, Supported by LG Electronics

By: Alex Passett     3/18/2024

Last week, Bear Robotics announced the completion of a $60 million Series C funding round, which was led exclusively by LG Electronics.

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Industrial Cybersecurity Forecasting, Courtesy of Kaspersky

By: Alex Passett     3/15/2024

Kaspersky recently presented an industrial cybersecurity review for a number of international entities, outlining key cybersecurity challenges for industrial enterprises in the year ahead.

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