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Red Hat and Intel Deliver Smarter Solutions for Industrial Environments

By: Alex Passett     9/29/2023

Courtesy of Red Hat and Intel, manufacturers will now have access to a new industrial edge platform that helps build smarter, software-defined factories.

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The Next Generation of IoT: Energous and Veea are Partnering to Work Out Industry Challenges

By: Alex Passett     9/25/2023

Energous and Veea Inc. joined forces to combine wireless power and edge computing for real-time asset tracking capabilities in rapidly growing IoT sectors.

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HARMAN DTS and Lexmark Innovate via New IIoT Solutions

By: Alex Passett     9/20/2023

HARMAN Digital Transformation Solutions (or HARMAN DTS) and Lexmark have partnered to co-develop IIoT applications that solve specific industry challenges.

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Rockwell Automation Acquires Clearpath Robotics to Improve Autonomous Production Logistics

By: Alex Passett     9/19/2023

Rockwell Automation's acquisition of Clearpath Robotics is expected to full-on accelerate Rockwell's end-to-end autonomous production logistics to provide safer and more efficient manufacturing environments.

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Smarter Factories and Supply Chain Ops: Ericsson, AWS, and Hitachi America R&D Make it Happen

By: Alex Passett     9/18/2023

The collaboration between Ericsson, AWS, and Hitachi America R&D focused on real-time digital video and AI across a private 5G network that supports swifter ways to improve manufacturing operations.

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IIoT and Advanced Condition Monitoring: The Future of Industrial Excellence

By: Special Guest     9/14/2023

Advanced condition monitoring is a sophisticated approach that emphasizes the continuous observation of machinery health and performance. Its primary objective is to preemptively identify and address potential issues.

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ResGreen's Robo-Revolution: Making Manufacturing and Warehousing Management Smart

By: Greg Tavarez     9/12/2023

ResGreen released SimuPath, a simulation program that boosts performance and productivity in manufacturing facilities and warehouses.

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YOLO: What This Means for IIoT Use Cases, and How ResGreen is Harnessing it to Optimize Large-Scale Operations

By: Alex Passett     9/12/2023

Mobile robot and software solutions provider ResGreen Group International, Inc. has revealed that it is integrating a YOLO ("You Only Look Once") object detection algorithm for smoother warehouse and manufacturing optimization.

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RealWear's Latest Wearable Sets New Safety and Efficiency Benchmarks for Frontline Workers

By: Greg Tavarez     9/11/2023

The RealWear Navigator Z1 is tailored for diverse applications, encompassing remote expert-guided equipment troubleshooting, virtual training, field service management and streamlined inspection data management systems.

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A Connected Reliability Journey in IIoT: Fluke Reliability Acquires Azima DLI

By: Alex Passett     9/8/2023

Fluke Reliability has acquired Azima DLI (a subsidiary of Fortive), amplifying Fluke's connected reliability strategy and combining condition monitoring with asset management software and alignment hardware to empower IIoT customers.

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Natural Gas Detection with Integrated NB-IoT/LTE-M Connectivity, Courtesy of eLichens and Sequans

By: Alex Passett     9/5/2023

Together, eLichens and Sequans are introducing the Avolta NGD (Natural Gas Detector) with NB-IoT/LTE-M connectivity.

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Integrate Physical and Information Security Systems: Info-Tech Publishes Critical Insights for IIoT

By: Alex Passett     8/28/2023

Info-Tech's latest research shows that an integrated security architecture - including a stronger people, process, and technology (PPT) framework - will improve organizations' overall security postures.

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