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Industrial Sectors See a Boost in Adoption of Zero Trust Practices, According to Xage

By: Alex Passett     4/11/2024

A new Xage report dives into various industrial and IIoT-centric sectors improving their security protocols by adopting a variety of crucial zero trust practices.

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Another Smart IIoT Collab: Rockwell Automation and NVIDIA to Harness Omniverse Cloud APIs and Industrial-Scale Digital Twins

By: Alex Passett     4/4/2024

Rockwell Automation is collaborating with industry giant NVIDIA to integrate NVIDIA's Omniverse Cloud APIs with Emulate 3D by Rockwell Automation.

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Having Raised $17M in Series A-1 Funding, Gather AI Continues Optimizing Warehouse Inventory with Drones

By: Alex Passett     4/1/2024

Gather AI recently announced its $17 million Series A-1 funding led by Bain Capital Ventures (with participation from Tribeca Venture Partners, Dundee Venture Capital, Expa Ventures, and Bling Capital).

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New Collab Between Scanbot SDK and Cypher Robotics Set to Automate Wearying Warehouse Inventory Processes

By: Alex Passett     3/26/2024

Scanbot SDK and Cypher Robotics have officially partnered to streamline warehousing and inventory cycle counting processes.

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Introducing, LocusHub: Locus Robotics' New Data-Driven Solution to Orchestrate Enhanced Warehouse Intelligence

By: Alex Passett     3/21/2024

Locus Robotics has announced the release of its LocusHub business intelligence engine.

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Digi IX40: Details About this 5G Edge Computing IIoT Cellular Solution for Industry 4.0

By: Alex Passett     3/20/2024

Earlier this month, IoT/IIoT connectivity products and services provider Digi International announced the market launch of Digi IX40.

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Bear Robotics Secures $60M in Series C Funding Round, Supported by LG Electronics

By: Alex Passett     3/18/2024

Last week, Bear Robotics announced the completion of a $60 million Series C funding round, which was led exclusively by LG Electronics.

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Industrial Cybersecurity Forecasting, Courtesy of Kaspersky

By: Alex Passett     3/15/2024

Kaspersky recently presented an industrial cybersecurity review for a number of international entities, outlining key cybersecurity challenges for industrial enterprises in the year ahead.

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RTI Connext Selected by Cogniteam to Enable Stronger Communications within its Unified Cloud-Based Robotics Platform

By: Alex Passett     3/13/2024

Cogniteam officially selected Real-Time Innovations (RTI) Connext, a solution that meets market demands for profound scalability when it comes to developing, deploying and managing robotics, fleets, etc.

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New Seamless IIoT Connectivity Options, Enabled by Skylo Technologies and Blues

By: Alex Passett     3/6/2024

Starnote, made possible by Skylo and Blues, enables immense affordability and accessibility for reliable connectivity methods that come with no monthly usage fees or minimums.

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Studying Gaps in Tech Adoption and Sustainability: New Survey of Global Professionals about AI in Transportation and Logistics

By: Alex Passett     3/5/2024

According to a recent study conducted by HERE Technologies (developed in part with AWS and YouGov), there is a "significant gap in the adoption of basic data analytics and AI, along with a lack of sustainability mindfulness and progress toward achiev…

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Turning Labor Shortages into Competitive Advantages: Fox Robotics' FoxBots Surpass 2.5 Million Total Pallet Pulls

By: Alex Passett     2/8/2024

Fox Robotics has officially surpassed more than 2.5 million pallet pulls with its "industry-first" FoxBot autonomous trailer loaders/unloaders.

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