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Digital Twin Core Conceptual Models and Services: New IIC Report Provides IIoT Guidance

By: Alex Passett     11/29/2023

The Industry IoT Consortium (IIC) recently published new guidance for those operating amidst Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) spaces: "The Digital Twin Core Conceptual Models and Services Technical Report."

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NEXCOM's ISA Series Fortifies Industry 4.0 Operations

By: Greg Tavarez     11/28/2023

The ISA Series provides a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that offers robust support for diverse applications within Industry 4.0.

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What's Next for the Industrial Edge: Codesys Collabs with Red Hat and Intel

By: Alex Passett     11/22/2023

Red Hat and Intel's collaboration on the industrial edge has now been joined by automation software provider, Codesys.

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Realtime Robotics Introduces Optimization Service for Swift Cycle Time Reduction in Manufacturing

By: Greg Tavarez     11/21/2023

Optimization-as-a-Service stands out for its ability to assess a customer's existing digital twin, pinpoint bottlenecks, and propose improvements.

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Rockwell Automation, Microsoft, and the Capabilities of Generative AI

By: Alex Passett     11/2/2023

Rockwell Automation and Microsoft are expanding their partnership to leverage generative AI capabilities for enhanced productivity and faster time-to-market.

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To Strengthen IIoT Cybersecurity, Rockwell Automation Acquires Verve Industrial Protection

By: Alex Passett     10/27/2023

Rockwell Automation's acquisition of Verve Industrial Protection expands the former's cybersecurity offerings, building more resiliency and reliability for operations.

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Streamlined IIoT: Blues and RAKwireless Develop Accessible Connectivity Solutions

By: Alex Passett     10/26/2023

Blues and RAKwireless have officially partnered. Blues' Notecard is now available across RAKwireless' extensive portfolio of WisBlock modules, sensors and enclosures, simplifying connectivity for IIoT solutions.

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PassiveBolt and LEGIC Identsystems Partner to Reshape the Landscape of Digital Identity and Security

By: Alex Passett     10/25/2023

This PassiveBolt-LEGIC collab aims to mainstream Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) across industries by integrating it at the semiconductor level.

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IIoT Manufacturing Market Reaches $1,495B with More Growth Expected, New Reports Indicate

By: Alex Passett     10/23/2023

According to a recent report, the global IoT in manufacturing industry accounted for $198.25 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach a whopping $1,495.65 billion by 2030.

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Kuva Systems and Montrose Environmental Group Form an IIoT/ESG Collab to Enhance Environmental Data Technology

By: Alex Passett     10/18/2023

Kuva Systems and Montrose Environmental Group have collaborated on the efforts to monitor data as smartly as possible. With better insights into environmental datapoints, organizations can identify large emission events and better track what is gathe…

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UPS Embraces Automation for Customers and Employees

By: Alex Passett     10/13/2023

UPS has been a technology company since its founding, which is why it is leveraging even more modernized technologies to improve experiences for UPS team members and UPS customers alike.

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Blues Expands Notecard Solutions as Connectivity Demands Evolve

By: Alex Passett     10/6/2023

New IoT offerings from Blues include Notecard Cell+WiFi, Notecard WiFi and Notecard LoRa, providing connectivity harmonization with low-cost scaling.

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