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Semitech Semiconductor Dual-Mode Communication Platform Receives G3-PLC Hybrid Certification

By: Alex Passett     5/25/2023

Semitech Semiconductor, a provider of high-performance IoT/IIoT products, received official certification from the G3-Alliance on its SM2400 PLC+RF dual-mode communication platform for environments with critical, smart-enabled technologies.

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'Warehouse Cleaning, Without Compromise' - Avidbots Launches its Neo 2W Autonomous Cleaning Robot

By: Alex Passett     5/15/2023

Purpose-built for dynamic IIoT environments, Avidbots' Neo 2W automates time-consuming, labor-intensive tasks that come with floor care.

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Next-Gen Lithium-Ion Battery Packs: In-Progress Innovation from Flux Power Holdings and UL Solutions

By: Alex Passett     5/11/2023

Flux Power Holdings has completed UL Solutions' third-party, data-backed certification and compliance testing and will move on to the next phase hitting the markets.

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Emerson's SolaHD has Launched its IIoT Network Connectivity and Power Supply Solution

By: Alex Passett     5/8/2023

SolaHD, an Emerson brand, has launched its next-gen power solution for bringing network connectivity to its SDN-D power supply and its SCM, or SolaHD Communication Module.

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Heavy Lifting in IIoT: Alleviating Labor Shortages as Challenges Impact the Supply Chain Industry

By: Alex Passett     5/4/2023

Ivanti Wavelink recently announced the results of its "Heavy Lift: Supply Chain Trends for 2023" survey that looked at more than 200 different types of workers and their respective labor issues.

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AMRs and Optimized IIoT: Enhanced Warehouse Fulfillment Workflows via Ivanti Wavelink and Zebra Technologies

By: Alex Passett     5/1/2023

Ivanti Wavelink and Zebra Technologies Corporation recently partnered to integrate autonomous mobile robots (or AMRs) in warehouse and manufacturing facility settings.

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Digital Twins and Industrial IoT: Litmus is Creating Logical Extensions to the Future

By: Alex Passett     4/26/2023

Litmus, an industrial edge data platform that works with Microsoft, HPE, Dell, Intel and Google Cloud, has announced the availability of its digital twins for users of Litmus Edge and Litmus Edge Manager.

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NVIDIA's Platform-as-a-Service: The Launch of Omniverse Cloud

By: Alex Passett     4/21/2023

NVIDIA's Omniverse Cloud is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering to help enterprises streamline IIoT optimization, with Microsoft Azure as its cloud services provider.

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New Environmental and Industrial Light-Detection Sensors, from L-com

By: Alex Passett     4/19/2023

L-com, supplier of myriad connectivity products, also boasts a line of light-detection sensors for Internet of Things settings. L-com's newest sensors specifically target ambient and UV light.

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Wise Systems Connect: Enhancing Data Exchange in Last-Mile Deliveries

By: Alex Passett     4/19/2023

Fleet management services provider Wise Systems has launched its new subscription-based service, Wise Systems Connect.

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'X' AI Marks the Spot: Xaba Develops AI-Powered Platforms, xCognition and xTrude

By: Alex Passett     4/18/2023

Xaba's now-accelerated AI manufacturing platforms (due to a successful funding round) will provide intelligence to innovative industrial robots and machines.

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Scaling IoT and IIoT Ecosystems: Qualcomm Unveils New Solutions

By: Alex Passett     4/17/2023

Qualcomm officially announced to new sets of processors designed for a multitude of high-performance IoT/IIoT use cases.

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