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RTI Connext Selected by Cogniteam to Enable Stronger Communications within its Unified Cloud-Based Robotics Platform

By Alex Passett
March 13, 2024

Below are the long-story-short versions of two technology innovators, as well as why discussing them is of great import for IIoT:

Real-Time Innovations (RTI): An infrastructure software company that designs “smart-world systems” for industrial automation, automotive, aerospace and defense, healthcare and other markets. RTI defines its smart-world systems as solutions that make the world greener, safer, healthier, faster and far more productive. RTI is a cross-industry force devoted to developing intelligent, distributed, data-centric and high-performance systems that deliver resilience, security, performance and scalability; particularly for building complex, distributed applications that further societal progress.

Cogniteam: A strong team with, quote, “internationally recognized expertise” in AI software for autonomous robots. Cogniteam has been developing AI technologies for more than a decade (while working with blue chop companies on mapping, navigation, and autonomous decision-making functionalities). Cogniteam has now packaged its unique suite of algorithms as a single, easy-to-use platform, bringing its customers a cloud-based robotic AI solution that is as intuitive as it is efficient.

Those are the backgrounds.

Now, the news:

Last week, RTI announced that Cogniteam officially selected the RTI Connext solution to provide commercially supported communications to its unified, cloud-based platform for the IIoT robotics industry.

By opting to leverage RTI Connext’s software framework for intelligent distributed systems, RTI Connext users become equipped to build their own solutions that combine advanced sensing capabilities, fast controls, AI algorithms and much more. And given RTI already runs more than 250 autonomous vehicle programs, supports dozens of automotive ADAS and software-defined architectures, and actively integrates over 400 major defense programs (lest we forget how they’re a vendor of products compliant with the Data Distribution Service, or DDS, standard), it makes total sense as to why Cogniteam made its decision. Its developers are able to monitor real-time incoming data from robots to the cloud, enhancing productivity as, per the announcement’s press release, “Cogniteam has already achieved coding translation from ROS to ROS 2 in one month – compared to the market norm of three to six months – saving critical time and money.”

As you’d expect, Cogniteam required a reliable way to make this happen. Thus, selecting a robust software framework for its autonomous robotic platforms in land, air and sea was vital. (Specifically, for related needs that could achieve communication functionality from ROS to ROS 2 and a seamless way to talk between systems. RTI Connext offers both a native DDS and a commercially supported RMW layer for ROS, allowing Cogniteam’s platform to communicate via the cloud in production and remote settings alike, providing everything required for smarter data acquisition and robotics controls.

Per RTI’s Bob Leigh, Senior Director of Commercial Markets:

“Robotics are enabling efficient autonomy and productivity in nearly every vertical. Connext includes an open interface and advanced integration capabilities that slash costs across a system’s life cycle, from initial development and integration through ongoing maintenance and upgrades. We’re proud to be building a long-standing relationship with Cogniteam, and we welcome them to our expansive ecosystem of companies choosing Connext as their commercial DDS solution.”

And per Cogniteam’s Ari Yakir, Vice President of Research & Discovery:

“New and exciting tools are emerging in robotics; particularly, tools aimed at facilitating interconnectivity of systems and components at the edge and in the cloud. RTI Connext did exactly what we needed it to – from adding functionality between libraries to retrieving critical data from the edge device – speeding up our production timeline and advancing robotic platform development.”

Overall, this partnership between RTI and Cogniteam represents a great milestone in the development of autonomous robotics, showcasing the importance of advanced software frameworks and communication standards that drive innovation and efficiency throughout IIoT sectors.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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