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New Boundary Technologies and Sierra Wireless Launch Joint IoT Solution

By Ken Briodagh
July 01, 2020

According to a recent announcement, New Boundary Technologies, a provider of Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications, and Sierra Wireless, IoT solutions provider, are collaborating on solutions for development and deployment of IoT applications for IIoT OEMs. Under the partnership, New Boundary Technologies’ RemoteAware IoT Application Service reportedly now integrates with Octave, Sierra Wireless’ solution for connecting industrial assets to the cloud. By combining Octave and RemoteAware, the companies said that enterprise IoT solutions can be delivered in a matter of days.

Octave and RemoteAware both support off-the-shelf programmable gateways. A complete customer-ready sensor monitoring application was created in less than four hours using Octave and RemoteAware, according to the release

“Our RemoteAware IoT Application Service provides private-label enterprise IoT web applications in one day without programming. Sierra Wireless Octave eliminates the time and complexity required to get data from edge devices to the cloud,” said Kim Pearson, CEO, New Boundary Technologies. “Together, Octave and RemoteAware enable customers to quickly reap the business benefits of cloud-connected connected devices without the complexity and expense typical of enterprise IoT solutions.”

“Together with RemoteAware we’re able to eliminate the complexities of implementing and scaling IoT solutions for our customers,” said Olivier Pauzet, VP and GM. IoT solutions, Sierra Wireless. “This allows our customers to focus on building their business rather than creating technical infrastructure, which often results in months of development.”

Ken Briodagh is a storyteller, writer and editor with about two decades of experience under his belt. He is in love with technology and if he had his druthers would beta test everything from shoe phones to flying cars.

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