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Connected Engine Solution Provides Machine Diagnostics to Reduce Downtime and Revenue Loss

By Greg Tavarez
August 11, 2022

Preventive maintenance is crucial for industrial fleet managers, especially those who do not have the spare equipment readily available in case of equipment failure. Without a proper maintenance strategy, the fleet will experience costly unplanned downtime.

Industrial IoT company Elevat partnered with Cummins to integrate the Cummins Connected Diagnostics application with the Elevat Machine Connect IoT platform. Customers will access diagnostic messages and receive real-time alerts for Cummins engines and Elevat's data in a single dashboard.

Elevat Machine Connect is a next-generation IoT platform solution that will provide diagnostic data, monitoring and performance control capabilities for the off-highway market. Machine Connect makes it easier for off-road equipment OEMs and fleet managers to collect and analyze data to identify usage trends and field-based problems.

"This collaboration with Cummins enables Elevat to serve our customers from a whole machine view of diagnostics," said Adam Livesay, co-founder, Elevat. “Troubleshooting is simplified, downtime is reduced, productivity is increased and machine availability is optimized.”

Elevat integrated Connected Diagnostics' capabilities for Cummins engines for phase one. This helped improve operating performance, boost asset utilization and uptime, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Cummins Connected Diagnostics wirelessly connects engines to enable continuous monitoring and diagnosis of system faults. Site managers will have better knowledge of root causes. With this information, they will determine how long they have before a critical failure is likely. This means that uptime can be maximized, with any required repairs addressed proactively leveraging the information from Connected Diagnostics to ensure correct parts, tools and technicians are available.

“For those Cummins powered OEMs, this collaboration will allow customers to receive real-time recommendations as to the health of the Cummins engines while using the Elevat platform to monitor the machines' maintenance, uptime and utilization," said Ed Hopkins, digital solutions business leader at Cummins.

Elevat and Cummins will enable advanced diagnostics and troubleshooting to come through a single application. The intuitive solution will offer actionable insights to enable component care, prevent damage and enable quick support.

Edited by Erik Linask

SmartCity Editor

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