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Teltech Chooses Betacom for 5G Upgrade of its Dallas Warehouse

By Stefania Viscusi
August 29, 2022

Warehouse automation solutions and industry 4.0 are important steps forward in logistics and warehouse operations. These technologies work to enhance the fundamental processes at these locations, from loading and unloading, picking and stock management to better data collection and analysis.

Wireless provider Betacom, an accelerator of Industry 4.0 through private 5G wireless networks, announced it has been selected to provide its 5GaaS offering for logistics/supply chain services, asset management and technology solutions provider Teltech.

Specifically, Betacom will automate Teltech’s 200,000 square-foot warehouse in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area and will use the deployment as a showcase of its advances in warehouse automation and Industry 4.0 IoT capabilities. New technologies like robots, drones and automated forklifts enabled by private 4G/5G are just some of what will be included.

Teltech is Native American- and woman-owned and uses tethered drones to provide broadband in hard-to-reach places. Its customers include government entities, commercial organizations, tribal nations, WISPs, and Tier 1 telecom carriers. Now, with private 4G/5G networks, it can continue to focus efforts on helping regional tribal nations to bridge the digital divide.

“Many people think of the tribal nations as well-funded by casinos, but those are just a very, very small group within tribal nations overall,” said Lisa Hanlon-Knight, Teltech CEO for and a citizen of the Cherokee Nation.“Most lack the funding to leverage technology to build something sustainable and bring workforce development and jobs back to their communities, despite a lot of available public funding. Tribal support for building out private networks, not just in the tribal lands but also municipalities, will help them retain their citizens and accelerate workforce development through education and training.”

The Betacom private 4G/5G network also supports the company’s NetSuite ERP system and enables enhanced scanning capabilities. This assists their warehouse team with better material receiving, order fulfillment and shipping and at the warehouse resource level, it also provides accuracy in inventory levels with the need for specialized staff to handle the process.

“We all know that Wi-Fi is not the ultimate warehouse communications solution, especially when high security and low latency needs are taken into account,” said Danny Wade, Chief Operating Officer for Teltech. “A private 4G/5G network is a more secure and efficient environment for the work that we do to support our own customers.”

Edited by Erik Linask
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Teltech Chooses Betacom for 5G Upgrade of its Dallas Warehouse

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