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Intelitek Intros New Training Lab to Prepare Students for Industry 4.0

By Stefania Viscusi
November 08, 2022

Industry 4.0, the fourth revolution in manufacturing, is already happening. Thanks to smart factories and the Internet of Things, computers and machines are talking to one another and making decisions without human involvement.

As improvements continue to be made in these systems and solutions, it has become critical that incoming workers and future generations are trained and understand these technical jobs so they can come in and operate, maintain and manage these systems.

To provide training and support for students entering technical jobs in manufacturing, Intelitek  has announced Smart Sensor Lab. The training lab connects educators and students so they can gain hands-on theory and training needed to understand IIoT systems and programs. Through this initiative, Intelitek is providing Industry 4.0 training to prepare the new workforce for in-demand technical careers, while creating a stream of workers ready to support IIoT initiatives..

Smart Sensor Lab can be used alone or added to other advanced manufacturing programs. It can also be integrated with Intelitek systems offerings include the Intelitek flexible manufacturing (FMS), computer integrated manufacturing (CIM), Mechatronics (JMTS), or mechanical maintenance trainers to upgrade those systems to Industry 4.0.

The new training program includes a lab-kit with different smart sensors and smart actuators connected using IO-Link, an open standard supported by sensors and control systems and offering data from sensors, and IoT technology.

Students use the software to set parameters for the hardware and use PLC integration software to create control systems. They also use monitoring tools and cloud software to perform IoT integrations so sensors can communicate with different systems. The lab also includes exercises and drills with hands-on practice and prepares students to learn concepts and skills needed for the industry.

“With IO-Link, users can share sensor data with control systems for predictive maintenance, advanced operations management, real-time flexible manufacturing and optimization planning,” said Graham Celine, VP, Business Development of Intelitek. “Educating students on smart sensors and the related communication systems is essential to preparing them for the Industry 4.0 workforce, and our advanced smart sensor lab hardware and software tools provides invaluable learning experiences.”

Edited by Erik Linask
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