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AI, 3D, and the Cloud: Innovation Improves Manufacturing Environments

By Alex Passett
December 21, 2022

In virtually every IoT space, discourse continues circling the cutting-edge developments in cloud-centric technologies, as well as the enormous promise in AI and 3D applications. And as we inch closer to what’s in store for 2023, a worthy all-in-one mention of the cloud, AI and 3D comes in the form of HNA.Live’s latest announcement regarding their utilization of these to optimize manufacturing facility productivities.

HNA.Live, a data analytics company that serves manufacturing and real estate industries, has selected a new AI/IoT platform for a manufacturer-serving cloud solution. This opportunity was made possible by CLEA from the scientists at SECO Mind (a Silicon Valley AI company), as well as via new advancements in LiDAR technologies.

Here’s the meat and potatoes: From design to production, to distribution and customer satisfaction, HNA.Live’s solution is built to transform the way manufacturer’s manage their processes. By using LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology, which is essentially an enhanced combination of 3D-scanning and laser imaging, HNA.Live can collect and measure precise data to devise 3D models for manufacturers. This becomes applicable on a scale from small parts moving throughout a plant, to more complex working parts in production, to a building’s whole operation.

LiDAR sensors emit pulsed light waves to surrounding environments; these bounce off objects in said environments before returning to their sensors. In repeating this process millions of times per second and the sensor calculates time-per-pulse to measure distance traveled, precise and real-time 3D maps (or “point clouds”) are generated for extremely safe, illustrative navigation. And with CLEA’s simple integration and short time to market (in terms of tailor-made AI for scenarios like these), this custom solution for manufacturers becomes actualized. As HNA.Live’s CEO put it, CLEA and the utilization of LiDAR can “rapidly capture benefits across entire manufacturing chains.”

So, the long story short? In practice, real-time 3D modeling has the power to enable workflows that better ensure production-line safety and product quality for the manufacturing space. LiDAR safely lights the way (quite literally), and CLEA allows for valuable cloud-connecting and the cloud-managing of hardware for smart controls and smart monitoring, opening the door to more actionable insights. Altogether, these contribute to reducing material loss and improving production capacities, delivery lead times, and more.

Edited by Erik Linask
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