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Paradise, Squared: Paradise Mobile Selects AWS to Establish Networks and Advanced IoT in Bermuda

By Alex Passett
March 30, 2023

New to the mobile network and IoT scenes is up-and-coming Mobile Network Operator (MNO) by the name of Paradise Mobile. Per Paradise: “You deserve a fast and reliable mobile service that just works. No more bill shock.” Paradise seeks to connect people, places, and platforms with mobile.

How? By building their own open, cloud-native 4G/5G network via services and equipment from Mavenir, a telecom company with software-based automation for networks that run on any cloud.

It seems Paradise Mobile hopes to test cutting-edge telecom products and services that can be exported for use by bigger international providers. The company may launch commercial services within the next few months.

But if this is a mostly indeterminate period of time away, what’s the news today, then?

Well, it’s still got to do with Paradise Mobile, but also Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the territory of Bermuda.

Here’s the long story short of it:

By bringing innovative mobile and IoT services to Bermuda – an ideal location to try new products and services, many believe – Paradise can leverage AWS for its digital platform workloads (with current agreements to roll out AWS edge services on the island to host wireless core and Open Radio Access Network O-RAN DU (Distributed Unit) and CU (Central Unit) workloads; I penned more related info about these here.) Paradise bringing AWS services to Bermuda will also provide local businesses and IoT innovators with the tools necessary to rapidly develop and test new deployments and improve their infrastructure .

“Bermuda is the perfect place to try all of this out,” said Sam Tabbara, co-founder and CEO of Paradise Mobile. “We also see Amazon as a long-term collaborator that shares our vision and values, and has the ability to significantly accelerate our roadmap of innovative new products and services we want to launch in Bermuda. This relationship will allow us to provide our customers with the best-possible experiences and, at the same time, create a hub for IoT innovation in Bermuda and beyond."

By these accounts, Bermuda sounds like an all-the-right-ingredients microcosm, of sorts, for making these next-gen technologies a reality.

“All the pieces are in Bermuda, and they’re in place,” Tabbara added. “We want to be a big catalyst for transformation there.”

It’s also worth noting that this is yet another anticipated win for AWS as it competes in the hyperscaler space against the likes of Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. That said, Paradise selected AWS over Microsoft or Google due to its offerings being, per Tabbara, “more mature and flexible” as far as cloud packages aimed at pure agility go.

So, that’s what all appears to be coming together; Paradise Mobile and AWS making marked mobile network and IoT headway in Bermuda. By bolstering connectivity opportunities for IoT devices, real-time improvements can be made for people set to tap into those technologies.

“Leveraging AWS helps reduce time-to-market and create new paths to deliver real innovation to customers,” said Sameer Vuyyuru, AWS’s Head of Worldwide Business Development. “Our work with Paradise Mobile will not only help them efficiently build, scale, and manage their mobile network, but also offer convenient and secure IoT solutions to accelerate change across Bermuda.”

More Paradise Mobile-related stories are expected to be announced in the near future

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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