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A New IIoT Partnership: TDengine and Casne Engineering are Ready to Innovate

By Alex Passett
April 05, 2023

From a 10,000-foot view, so to speak, spurring meaningful and worthwhile innovation in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a multi-faceted win. Generally speaking, to innovate in IIoT can signify enabling companies to safely optimize complex industrial processes, secure cost-savings where applicable, increase the efficiencies of human workers and machinery alike, etc. By leveraging the power of advanced IIoT sensors, real-time data analytics and machine learning (ML), IIoT innovators help businesses lock down valuable operational insights, identify bottlenecks, and improve time-to-market for deployments industries come to rely on. And when you factor in remote monitoring systems, asset-tracking solutions via RFID tags or GPS, manufacturing upgrades for autonomous vehicles and much more, and it’s obvious why – from a proof-of-concept (or, as its being redefined as, “proof-of-value”), design, testing and eventually launch – innovations in IIoT bring about quantifiable change.

From a less macro-scale view (but one still equally important), let’s cover companies TDengine and Casne Engineering; specifically, news that broke just this morning from the two.

TDengine is an open-source, cloud-native time series database (or TSDB) that’s been optimized for IoT/IIoT. TSDB enables efficient, real-time ingestion, processing and monitoring of petabytes of data per day. (For those less familiar with larger volumes of data, here’s a scale, of sorts: A kilobyte can equate to, for instance, a paragraph of text in a document. Then, a megabyte would be more like a small novel, a gigabyte would be Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, a terabyte closer to all of the X-rays stored in a hospital, and – per our note about TDengine – a petabyte is comparable to about one-fifth of the words people (i.e. globally, and throughout recorded time) have ever spoken. That’s a gargantuan amount of data, and TDengine monitors it as it’s generated by billions of sensors and data collectors.

Casne Engineering (i.e. “Casne”), on the other hand, is an independent engineering, systems integration, and technology and industrial services firm. A provider for small startups and Fortune 50 companies, Casne delivers high-quality engineered solutions; details include (but aren’t limited to) professional engineering for the construction of electrical power and industrial control systems, enterprise software (plus edge-to-cloud solutions). managed support for operational technology infrastructure (including SLA-backed incident response and management for SCADA), and other areas of expertise.

And, earlier today, TDengine and Casne officially announced the news of their strategic partnership aimed at advancing innovations in the IIoT market.

Through this partnership, Casne is expected to integrate TDengine’s database tech into its existing IIoT solutions in order to create a comprehensive IIoT platform for industrial customers in need. (To increase overall equipment effectiveness, or OEE, and to make substantial improvements to operations’ efficiencies and current downtime trends.)

Both companies have since commented on this news.

Jeff Tao, CEO of TDengine: "Collaborating with Casne Engineering will allow TDengine to accelerate innovation in the IIoT space. Our partnership will enable customers to extract more value from their data, optimizing their operations for increased productivity and profitability."

Nick Wiley, EVP of Casne: “Joining forces with TDengine will help to expand the range of possibilities in delivering cutting-edge IIoT solutions to our customers. We chose them [TDengine] because of the flexibility and performance for ingesting time series data in the cloud. There’s no question about the platform’s ability to scale with us.”

With TDengine’s PI Connector, for example, Casne will be better-equipped to marshal large quantities of sensor data into the cloud, centralize data from disparate on-prem systems and geographical locations, share select data elements with its vendors and partners, and more.

Hats off to TDengine and Casne as they embark together on their IIoT journey. More news is sure to come.

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