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Wise Systems Connect: Enhancing Data Exchange in Last-Mile Deliveries

By Alex Passett
April 19, 2023

With the superabundance of technologies on the market today, every individual (and every business, respectively) has their preferences. Many – myself included – tend to latch onto what’s known as “plug-and-play” technology; this refers to devices or full systems that can be connected (i.e. “plugged”) and will work immediately (i.e. “played”) without the need for manual configuration, multi-step setups, or other complex types of installation. A plug-and-play feature is oft-synonymous with simplicity; it absconds from complicated procedures and creates ease-of-use serviceability, time-savings and, in the case of software and larger operating systems for businesses, scalability.

For the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), it’s typically a great sign when a service or system has some form of plug-and-play; to many, it indicates sought-after adaptability.

This is precisely what today’s news concerns.

Enter Cambridge-based company Wise Systems, provider of fleet management and efficiency services designed to empower drivers, dispatchers, managers and delivery recipients. Wise Systems has announced the availability of its Wise Systems Connect (WSC), a cloud-based service for integrating telematics, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Order Management Systems (OMS) platforms. WSC is a subscription-based service for automating last-mile delivery productivities via the free flow of data across key touchpoints like incoming orders, outgoing deliveries and paid invoices.

And, to string everything together here, WSC enables a true plug-and-play exchange for this data, thus optimizing operations and allowing teams to focus more on their customers (rather than hampering data woes).

A bit more detail on WSC:

This service provides pre-built integrations that, as results have shown, dramatically reduce overall implementation times and accelerate time-to-value. Customers that take advantage of this (particularly when delivering products and services across a range of industries like industrial, commercial, parcel delivery and even food and beverage) can lean on WSC to leverage its Wise Systems Telematics Adapter for standardizing integrations with third-party telematics devices like ELDs and safety cameras, as well as its Wise Systems Data Connector for integrating third-party Transportation Management Systems (TMSs), Warehouse Management Systems (WMSs), and ERPs.

If you’ve read that and found it at all complicated, that’s precisely why WSC’s plug-and-playability is valuable. With WSC, Wise Systems’ global reseller and partner network (i.e. authorized resellers, systems integrators, logistics consultants, hardware and software organizations, as well as retailers, manufacturers, distribution companies and courier fleet operators) can accelerate their fleets’ operations, get real-time visibility into route executions, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a service like this.

“Free-flowing data is the lifeblood of last-mile delivery operations. It contains essential order data that’s used to build routes and is then returned to other systems for picking, packing, and delivery execution,” said Erin Blair, Vice President of Global Partnerships at Wise Systems. “Wise Systems Connect is critical for our growing global network who deliver best-of-breed solutions to power their customers’ operations, and its plug-and-play design makes it easier for them to do just that.”

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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