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'Warehouse Cleaning, Without Compromise' - Avidbots Launches its Neo 2W Autonomous Cleaning Robot

By Alex Passett
May 15, 2023

You’d think the description of “a robot with two googly eyes for headlights, the outline of a computer mouse’s cursor for a nose, and a tiny safety headlamp” would be a fitting description for an animated character on a kid’s show. (And who knows? In a couple of years, it very well could be.)

But we’re not talking about “in a couple of years.” We’re talking about now, and we’re covering a weightier topic than kids’ cartoons. (Apologies, kids’ cartoons.)

This description, rather, is a more serious fit for Avidbots’ newest floor-scrubbing robot specifically designed for cleaning industrial warehouse spaces; a robot that maximizes cleaning productivity while minimizing necessary human intervention.

Meet the Neo 2W.

Avidbots – the 2014-started designer, manufacturer, seller and servicer of autonomous cleaning robots – has debuted autonomous floor scrubbing robots in the past that, in the time since said debuts, have been deployed in airports, warehouses, manufacturing sites, malls, universities and other commercial spaces.

That said, Avidbots looks to up the ante with the Neo 2W.

With Avidbots Neo 2W, warehouses and factories with robot-challenging environments (i.e. unpredictable floor debris, dynamic worker activity, frequent layout changes, etc.) become more navigable and automatable, cleaning-wise. Per the Avidbots team: “Neo 2W’s engineering ensures the highest quality, reliability and serviceability standards, standing up to the demands of tough warehousing and manufacturing environments.”

So, the Neo 2W alleviates common issues, allowing for more consistent cleans with less downtime and a fraction (if that) of the “normal” human intervention necessary. (a.k.a. allowing human workers to reallocate time to higher-value tasks, given the value of such workers in today’s global economy)

But how do we get from A to B here with the Neo 2W?

Prominent global businesses like CEVA Logistics, UTC Aerospace Systems, DHL, 3M and others benefit from the Neo 2W’s features that include (but aren’t limited to):

  • A rugged, robustly constructed exterior (with interior construction that includes separate cleaning solutions and recovery tanks)
  • Interchangeable, industrial-strength batteries that allow for up to six total hours of cleaning on a single charge
  • A vibrant Blue Light LED safety lamp (that syncs with audible alerts, in case an issue arises)
  • Durable guard bumpers and e-stop button control, a suite of 10 onboard sensors for 360-degree visibility, and Avidbots’ Real-Time Monitoring and Remote Assistance capabilities
  • Facility-mapping detection technologies for cleaning route optimization, plus its Debris Diverter (i.e. to divert debris and reduce vacuum hose and tank clog risks) and a new Disinfection Add-On (i.e. that leverages ML and electrostatic spraying technology to ensure uniform surface coverage)

“The release of Neo 2W,” said Faizan Sheikh, co-founder and CEO of Avidbots, “comes at a timely moment when 3PL and manufacturing companies are looking for solutions that bring the highest operational efficiencies. With the use of Neo 2W, companies are able to combat labor supply challenges and automate the time-consuming, labor-intensive rigor of keeping their facilities clean.”

Avidbots’ objective with its innovations – certainly including the extensively tested Neo 2W – is to create a new standard for industrial cleanliness; to make multi-application robots ubiquitous in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for hyper-focused cleaning. (Even up to 42,000 square feet per hour.)

“Whether you have one Neo robot or an entire fleet,” said Sheikh, “Avidbots world-class support team of facility-trained technicians is ready to assist you from day one to boost ROI and ensure the best-possible clean in your space.”

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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