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More Accessible PLC Technology: Semitech Semiconductor's SM2400, Now Available through MikroElektronika

By Alex Passett
June 22, 2023

Semitech Semiconductor – the provider of low-cost and highly versatile semiconductor devices and embedded system products for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) – has announced that its SM2400 PLC solution is now available as a “Click board,” courtesy of MikroElektronika. MikroElektronika provides embedded products of its own; a.k.a. time-saving tools and offerings like Click boards, compilers, smart displays, MCU cards and additional accessories.

With the SM2400 available in this way, IIoT design engineers and system developers in need of PLC to utilize can now easily prototype their products and combine multiple functions without having to design their own boards. Click boards also enable design engineers to change peripherals easily, cutting months off development times.

Per Semitech:

“Semitech Semiconductor’s SM2400-based Click board is ready for immediate use to communicate over direct current (DC) power lines, and in conjunction with a coupler board to communicate over alternating current (AC) lines.”

More technical specifications include:

  • Multiple communication modes via firmware downloads
  • Robust performance, even in noisy line conditions
  • PC-based graphical user interface (GUI) for easy evaluation and demonstration
  • An overall low system cost
  • Operable in FCC band

This is also significant because, in 2023, addressing diverse industries’ requirements can be a hurdle. So, this is one means through which complexities become, well, a bit less complex.

The long story short? Simpler and more accessible solutions that deliver adaptably.

“Our plug-and-play Click boards are designed to revolutionize the way developers evaluate new technologies and explore new product ideas leveraging modular, tested and affordable hardware to simplify integration and allow for later upgrade of the project or product,” said MikroElektronika Head of Click Aleksander Mitrovic. “And by adding Semitech to our roster, we’re opening up access to real versatility via high-performing PLC technology and lowering the bar for system designers to seamlessly integrate it in their products.”

“It’s plain and simple,” said Semitech Vice President of Engineering Sverrir Olafsson. “Click boards free designers to easily evaluate our technology, experiment with our products and reduce time to market through rapid prototyping. So, making our PLC technology more accessible furthers our mission to enable robust, reliable ‘no new wires’ communication that connects everything, everywhere. Our PLC Click board is a part of our overall emphasis on user friendliness and customer support.”

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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