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YOLO: What This Means for IIoT Use Cases, and How ResGreen is Harnessing it to Optimize Large-Scale Operations

By Alex Passett
September 12, 2023

Let’s begin this on a super light note, and then plunge into the heavy technical details:

Colloquial use of the phrase “YOLO!” (i.e. “You Only Live Once!”) became mainstream in 2011. (Though it’s precise origins vary from Sinatra in the ’30s to Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart in the ’90s.) Following Drake’s use of the phrase in a hit song, it became so commonplace for a while that it was even entered into the Oxford English Dictionary.

Suffice it to say, people really do run with things, don’t they? (For this reason, I’ve come to love language evolution.)

Anyway, the “YOLO” relevance (of all things, funnily enough) in an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) article is actually simple:

YOLO can also mean “You Only Look Once” when applying it to IIoT.

(Okay, now we get technical.)

ResGreen Group, a provider of automation for businesses of any size or industry (as well as a provider of next-gen software solutions and robotics like AMRs), announced that it has taken a “giant leap,” as it was phrased, toward more smartly optimizing warehouse and manufacturing operations by integrating a “You Only Look Once” object detection algorithm.

ResGreen CEO Parsh Patel describes this very well:

“Embracing leading-edge YOLO object detection technology underscores our growing commitment to harnessing the power of AI-driven solutions. YOLO's renowned real-time, single-pass object recognition framework had laid the foundation for predictive analytics, dynamic resource allocation, and continuous operational improvement – putting us at the forefront of intelligent manufacturing and warehouse management.”

ResGreen’s YOLO-powered system conducts continuous scans of facility floors, using a deep-neural network to instantly identify, flag, and categorize locations that may have low stock or vacant spaces. Once identified, the YOLO system communicates this data to the proper management personnel via an intuitive dashboard, or even via SMS. This allows managers to dynamically allocate resources so targeted areas can be properly (and promptly) monitored, restocked, etc.

According to ResGreen, adopting YOLO will pave the way to technical advantages for customers. These include:

  • Sub-Millisecond Detection: YOLO's real-time detection occurs in milliseconds, allowing instantaneous identification of low-stock or empty storage regions.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: YOLO's unified detection process mitigates risks that are associated with misclassifications or redundant detections, thus delivering high-precision outcomes that are critical for dependable inventory oversight.
  • Multi-Object Tracking: The flexible nature of YOLO permits tracking of multiple objects concurrently, facilitating the monitoring of stock trends and movement patterns across manufacturing spaces.
  • Sensitivity Configurability: YOLO's adaptable architecture enables significant sensitivity adjustments to ensure systems can identify low-stock conditions with varying degrees of granularity (while adhering to operational requirements).
  • Automated Replenishment Planning: By analyzing historical data generated from YOLO, ResGreen can reliably develop predictive models for optimal stock replenishment schedules, minimizing stockouts and overstocking inefficiencies caused by initial human error, undue manual human intervention, etc.

For more helpful IIoT information from ResGreen, read here.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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