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ResGreen's Robo-Revolution: Making Manufacturing and Warehousing Management Smart

By Greg Tavarez
September 12, 2023

The integration of AI, robotics and high-powered game engine simulations in manufacturing and warehouse management brings about a multitude of advantages. These advantages range from heightened efficiency to superior safety measures.

AI-driven robots, for instance, excel at automating routine tasks, elevating productivity and ensuring consistent quality control. This not only optimizes the utilization of human labor but also leads to substantial cost savings. AI's predictive capabilities also empower businesses to predict machinery maintenance needs and streamline inventory management, resulting in reduced downtime and improved resource allocation.

On a mission to bring technologies and integrations like this to small and medium companies, bridging the gap with industry giants, ResGreen released SimuPath, a simulation program that boosts performance and productivity in manufacturing facilities and warehouses.

SimuPath employs the Unreal Engine, a 3D design tool, to craft a virtual rendition of manufacturing facilities or warehouses that faithfully replicates their physical dimensions and structures. SimuPath also utilizes AI to assess the most efficient material handling routes within this virtual environment and transmits this data to ResGreen's mobile robots, including BigBuddy, PullBuddy and LilBuddy, as well as other robotic solutions such as human-operated drones.

ResGreen’s BigBuddy, PullBuddy and LilBuddy are autonomous mobile robots that are designed to bring automated movement to any business with their game-changing compact size and flexible natural feature guidance. BigBuddy is a heavy-duty AMR that is ideal for industrial applications such as automotive manufacturing, aerospace and logistics. PullBuddy is a versatile AMR is suitable for material handling in large warehouses and distribution centers. LilBuddy is one of the smaller AMRs that has a natural feature guidance system that uses 2D and 3D lidars to scan its surroundings and create a map of the area where the vehicle will travel.

ResGreen’s SimuPath can help optimize the movement of BigBuddy, PullBuddy and LilBuddy within manufacturing facilities and warehouses by providing accurate 3D simulations of the environment.

SimuPath offers two distinct simulation modes:

  • Mode A – Static Structure: This mode showcases a digital replica of a facility, with elements like shelves, storage units, and machinery firmly anchored in place. Advanced AI algorithms then evaluate the current layout of the facility and devise the most efficient pathways for material movement. The program conducts a thorough analysis, considering factors like the shortest routes, product weights and access frequency, to determine the optimal routes. Mode A proves particularly advantageous for existing facilities with numerous immovable structures.
  • Mode B – Dynamic Simulation: The dynamic simulation mode is more interactive and allows for the movement of materials based on predefined rules. In this mode, SimuPath reorganizes the facility by rearranging the positions of objects and equipment to maximize efficiency. This model encourages a flexible and adaptable approach to manufacturing and warehouse management.

Additionally, SimuPath offers a playback feature that enables customers to experience firsthand how the program enhances their operations in a simulated 3D environment. Using VR headsets, this immersive experience showcases the positive impact of AI and robotics in increasing productivity and precision while reducing human errors.

“By leveraging AI, robotics and high-powered game engine simulations, we are creating a future-ready solution for our customers that improves their current operations and offers a new vision of how effective and efficient their assembly, delivery and picking processes can be,” said Parsh Patel, ResGreen CEO. “We are confident that our SimuPath program will set new benchmarks in cost-effectiveness and place our clients at the forefront of their industries.”

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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