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Arrive Logistics Succeeds with Descartes' MacroPoint Solution for Stronger Performance and Reduced Disruptions

By Alex Passett
October 03, 2023

“Uniting the people and technologies that move the world.”

Quite the M.O. from Descartes Systems Group, but it tracks.

By combining innovative technology, powerful trade intelligence and the reach of its network, Descartes delivers a prominent portfolio of cloud-based logistics and supply chain management solutions, improving the harnessing of data and the performance and security of implementations throughout the Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT. Descartes’ reach spans B2B connectivity, routing, mobile and telematics, global trade intelligence, transportation management, logistics-intensive shipping and fulfillment, and more.

So, it makes sense why companies have come to rely on Descartes.

In today’s case, Arrive Logistics.

Yesterday, Descartes announced that Arrive Logistics is using Descartes MacroPoint to provide shipper customers with control at every step of the supply chain, and real-time visibility into freight moving across its nationwide network. Freight tracking and freight matching that is faster, more accurate and more cost-effective is achievable, as Arrive Logistics is experiencing.

Here's how this played out:

After being honored by Descartes as a Top Carrier for 2023 – which means that Arrive Logistics was recognized as a carrier that has maintained high standards of tracking compliance across a large volume of freight – Arrive Logistics is now part of Descartes’ 1% of honorees. Offering automated tracking has also helped Arrive Logistics hit even higher standards of performance and reduced transportation disruptions (positioning the company as an increasingly valuable service partner), so the utilization of Descartes’ MacroPoint, again, just makes sense.

Editor’s note: For context, Descartes MacroPoint is a multimodal visibility platform that is designed to help freight brokers, third-party logistics companies (3PLs) and shippers gain optimized visibility into operation, shipments, etc. Specifically relevant to IIoT, this MacroPoint solution features connections via GPS-based electronic logging devices (ELDs), transportation management systems (TMS), and more. This leads to enhanced customer service, increased distribution efficiency, and stronger opportunities for IIoT collaboration.

“Delivering exceptional service and value to our transportation partners is our highest priority,” said J-Ann Tio, Chief Strategy Officer at Arrive Logistics. “Whether it concerns connectivity or how our team approaches relationships, we keep it simple—make it as seamless as possible to work with our team. Descartes has helped enhance that value proposition for us.”

“We’re pleased that Arrive Logistics is driving high impact automation for carrier connectivity and freight tracking using our solution,” said Dan Cicerchi, VP and General Manager, Transportation Management at Descartes. “By connecting to one of the most extensive global networks of carriers in the industry, brokerages and their shipper customers have real-time access to reliable and complete freight tracking data to better predict outcomes, manage exceptions, minimize costs and support growth as they expand their operations.”

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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