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Blues Expands Notecard Solutions as Connectivity Demands Evolve

By Alex Passett
October 06, 2023

“Connectivity is the lifeblood of the Internet of Things.”

I first typed that phrase this past April, if memory serves – in a post-pandemic era, I feel like how we remember things timespan-wise is even more relative, but I digress. In IoT and IIoT, connectivity is key. Respectively, enterprises and customers are both keen on this fact.

Let’s focus on the latter, then the former. Hear me out.

In 2023, customers’ demands for reliable connectivity across diverse use cases and real-world environments have driven the need for multiple wireless technologies in order to keep sensors, devices, and services in sync. Real-time data is gathered, and challenging scenarios are hurdled. To ensure everything communicates as it should, a solution that has become widely preferred is LPWAN wireless connectivity, but it isn’t the only one. A push for Wi-Fi and LoRa has been underway for a while, as commercial applications are evolving, often requiring hybrid solutions.

That leads us to the center of this story:


I’ve covered Blues before; in two articles from this past summer, for example, Blues and its quests for enhanced connectivity have taken center stage.

Today’s is no exception.

Blues has announced several new offerings based on Notecard, its flagship product. In line with more pushes for Wi-Fi and LoRa, the offerings tap into both in order to enable “reliable hybrid connectivity, positioning accuracy, and scalable development,” per the official announcement.

  • Notecard Cell+WiFi incorporates both cellular and WiFi out-of-the-box support. Customers can default to cellular and turn off Wi-Fi or vice versa, or enable both to ensure consistent connectivity (location regardless). This low-power, ease-of-use solution is compatible with other Blues Notecard/Notehub products, and it provides expanded international and domestic coverage with enhanced carrier support.
  • Notecard WiFi addresses customers’ demand for another simple, low-cost way to connect localized clusters of indoor devices securely to the cloud.
  • Notecard LoRa, similarly, addresses clusters of devices; outdoor ones, instead. In Blues’ own words, “By packaging LoRaWAN technology in a novel form, this can enable the same ease of use as its Notecard counterparts. It just works.”

And, as we mentioned, it’s great when things just work; when the lifeblood of IoT works.

“Blues understands that multiple connectivity options are necessary to really empower businesses to transform physical products into data-driven intelligent services,” per Jim Hassman, Blues' President and Chief Revenue Officer. “By expanding these Notecard offerings, companies now have the flexibility to optimize their connection method for sending and receiving information between devices anywhere, at any time. Whether our customers are developing ten devices or vastly scaling operations (or have devices located in fixed, remote, or mobile locations), our expanded Notecard offerings are affordable, accessible, and highly customizable.”

Read here or register with Blues for more information.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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