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'Real-World AI' Team at Worlds is Transforming Steel Manufacturing and IIoT Operations with TimkenSteel

By Alex Passett
December 18, 2023

The right partnerships at the right times make the Industrial Internet of Things’ world go round.

In that IIoT vein, we specifically have Worlds and the latest partnership it has struck.

But first, some context:

Worlds – a software company plus AI platform designed for real strides in real-world automation – is empowering organizations to reimagine their respective processes through smart automation and smarter data utilization. Worlds strives to achieve this in ways that (even in a world of seemingly constant business-tech discoveries) still unlock massive unrealized value. This largely comes from insights from petabytes of “of Things”-centric sensor data that go unrealized every single day, leaving billions in lost revenue on shop floors, so to speak. So, Worlds’ platform captures previously siloed (and currently untapped) data from sensors, cameras and other sources. It then stiches together these crucial datapoints to create context.

And context matters greatly.

It is this mission that creates context; using IIoT context, cross-validating sensors show what is really happening for clients’ technologies. This critical, real-world data drives huge value for better decision-making processes and increased automation opportunities.

Worlds’ platform is where all of this comes together; where industrial companies can measure, analyze, and build AI-based automation directly into the ground floor operations of their businesses by utilizing the data that matters most.

And now, Worlds has partnered with TimkenSteel, makers of highly customized products and services involving high-performance carbon and clean alloy steel.

By collaborating, Worlds and TimkenSteel are determined to introduce new ways to measure key contextual IIoT datapoints within steel manufacturing operations in order to drive reliable safety, efficiency and sustainability improvements.

The long-story-short of it? By integrating the Worlds AI platform into TimkenSteel’s operations, real-time sensor data capabilities receive an upgrade powered by the right context at the right time.

(Additionally, this partnership is important because of the turnkey embedding of the Worlds AI platform on top of TimkenSteel's existing IoT network – i.e. requiring no additional hardware or special equipment.)

Overall, the collab goes beyond sensor fusion by incorporating people, processes, and AI into one integrated solution that can produce meaningful insights across operational environments.

The innovative nature of this collab has, of course, been further emphasized by members from each team involved.

Per Dave Copps, CEO of Worlds:

"AI is no longer just a tool, but rather AI is now infrastructure and our best avenue for scaling human and organizational capability in the future. Our partnership with TimkenSteel has the potential to show an entire industry how it can re-imagine safer, more productive steel manufacturing through more human-centered AI."

And per Andrew Bissot, TimkenSteel's Vice President of Engineering, Manufacturing Excellence, and Reliability:

"Our collaboration with Worlds is unlocking new possibilities within our industry - further emphasizing our dedication to achieving excellence in reliability and the production of high-quality, American-made steel. The ability to measure, collect, and act on real-time data enhances safety, operational efficiency, and overall performance within the steel industry."

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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