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Streamlined IIoT: Blues and RAKwireless Develop Accessible Connectivity Solutions

By Alex Passett
October 26, 2023

The Industrial Internet of Things wouldn’t function without reliable connectivity. That’s the lifeblood of IIoT. Connectivity as we know it is what transforms a physical product into a data-driven service, both intelligent but also simplified so businesses are able to save as much time and money as possible.

This also happens to be the mission of Blues as its experts work to make connectivity easy in IIoT.

In a very similar bucket, we have RAKwireless. By creating easy-to-deploy solutions and modular IoT products that are incredibly accessible, RAKwireless offers diverse cellular and LoRaWAN connectivity services that accelerate time-to-market needs for a variety of applications, catering to developers and commercial users alike.

You can probably guess where this is headed. (If this article’s title hadn’t already given it away.)

Announced earlier today, Blues and RAKwireless have partnered.

Since both companies are involved in industrial-focused connectivity, this partnership makes a ton of sense. What’s more is that Blues’ Notecard – its flagship product – has officially become available across RAKwireless’ comprehensive portfolio of WisBlock modules, sensors and enclosures.

Again, accessibility. That’s the open door through which modern connectivity solutions play their role.

Simplified. Because, as many unfortunately know, IIoT products can often be stalled by complex physical design features and even incompatibility roadblocks. But together, Blues and RAKwireless will provide global customers with a pre-configured cellular IoT solution – Blues.ONE – and a composable WisBlock interface board – RAK13102. With interchangeable components for easy adjustments, refining IIoT connectivity (even for less technical users) opens the door for a wave of innovation.

As Brandon Satrom, VP of Developer Experience and VP of Product at Blues, said after this announcement went live, “Our partnership with RAKwireless is revolutionary for IIoT advancement, bringing together Blues' scalability, security and simplicity, and the unique modularity of the WisBlock ecosystem. With Blues' Notecard, RAKwireless' Blues.ONE and RAK13102 will simplify programming for engineers, allowing them to streamline IIoT product deployment. It's now easier than ever to build cellular IIoT solutions using bundled coverage and data in over 139 countries."

And from Ken Yu, CEO of RAKwireless, “Blues' Notecard and RAKwireless' WisBlock solutions offer a simplified and seamless IIoT connectivity solution that bypasses traditional complexities. This partnership provides users with a holistic solution that enables smooth transitions across regions. The adaptability of Blues' technology and the assurance of backup connectivity ensures that our users can experience truly uninterrupted IIoT connectivity.”

User-friendly global cellular connectivity. Accelerated prototyping. Streamlined IIoT process development. Uninterrupted connectivity.

As the two companies embark on the next leg of their now-partnered journey, things are looking promising.

Look here for more Blues and RAKwireless product-specific information.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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